A Farm Kid’s Christmas List


Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s really time for me to focus on my Christmas shopping. Each year I try to figure out what new farm toys the boys will like (that they don’t already have), and now that we have added a little girl into the mix, I’ll have to get even more creative. In our home we don’t do a giant Christmas with a bunch of toys that will never get played with. Each kid gets a couple of toys, something they need (like clothes or boots), some books, and a family game for all of us. I’ve really tried to simplify all of our “stuff” to get rid of clutter, and it makes everyone happier to not have random things lying around everywhere. A few months ago the boys went through the toy boxes and picked what they wanted to donate. I was pleasantly surprised at how generous they were with their giving. Now that we’ve finally got the mountain of toys down to the favorites, I will be even pickier with what we buy them this year.

I have made a list of some of what our little farmer/cowhands will be getting this year, and if you’re needing ideas for a little one in your life, then this might help!

This year we got a cotton picker, and have dove head first into the world of cotton growing, picking, and hauling. The kids absolutely love riding on the picker with Jake, and so they will each be getting this 1/64 Scale John Deere Cotton Picker. I know they’ll love it and I’m sure it will be one that gets played with constantly.

This next one is just for Porter. One of his friends has a classic Woody doll, and Porter has fallen in love with it. I didn’t even know they still made them, but Porter is going to be ecstatic on Christmas morning when he opens it. Bonus that it’s on sale right now! If you have a toy story lover in your life, you can get them the classic Woody doll with this link.

I’m not sure how we’ve made it this many years without a huge combine toy, but the boys ask for one all the time. We have two of the big tractors and grain carts, the semi with a grain trailer, and all the supporting equipment. But no big combine. So this year we will finally complete the set with this Big Farm 1:16 John Deere Combine. And if you are a Case IH family, you can get the Case combine here.

This last one isn’t farm related, but I’ll go ahead and add it in. We don’t have an iPad (shocking I know), and our kids don’t have any tablets. We have nothing against them, but we’ve never felt the need to get one for them. We have a DVD player in our suburban, so if they don’t want to play with toys on long car rides, I just pop a DVD in. At home they play with toys all day, color, build with blocks, or watch a movie, so it’s never been something we felt we needed. I did a lot of research on the best kid tablet, and decided to go with a Kindle Fire HD 8. It will be for all of them, but I figured since we’re facing the very real possibility of long hospital stays with Porter, that this could come in handy. It’s designed for children, but has a ton of options and possibilities without the outrageous price point.

In case that isn’t enough ideas or doesn’t suit your fancy, I’m going to link some other farm toys that we already have, and are officially farm kid approved and loved.

*This is the semi and trailer we have, and it is constantly getting played with. It has also held up well to two rough little boys. 

* I may or may not have been known to steal this toy from the kids. It is so fun, and they all love it! 

* This one is for smaller kids, but for some reason this combine has been a huge hit at our house. They love that it actually “harvests”!

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