A Rough Day


Either we are doing something right and Satan doesn’t like it, or God is telling us to pack up and go home. How are we supposed to know which it is? 

We knew this wouldn’t be easy, and we didn’t expect it to be, but we’re 24 hours in and I think we’ve all considered waving our white flag in surrender. Not much has gone right today. If we fix one thing, two go wrong. It feels like we’re running in circles. 

I’m sure it doesn’t help that we are all running on about 3 hours of sleep. We found Grady sitting on the couch reading his bible at 3 o’clock this morning. That totally warms my heart and makes me say “what the heck, kid”? I think tonight will be better, they just needed to get adjusted. 

As soon as Jake fired up the combine it broke down. Not a change a quick bearing breakdown either. A call and wait on John Deere to come diagnose and fix it kind of breakdown. When you’re cutting your own wheat and have a breakdown it’s annoying but you deal with it. When you’re cutting someone else’s wheat who is depending on you it puts a knot in your stomach and makes you feel helpless. 

Grady could tell the day wasn’t going well and he did the first thing he thought of. He told the boys he wanted to pray with them. And as they stood around the pickup they bowed their heads while Grady prayed for us all to stay safe, and for every combine in the universe to not be broke down. So if you’re combine mysteriously started working today, I know a little boy you can thank. 

Sure enough, it wasn’t much longer before our attitudes started to turn around. We all rode to the neighboring town to get a part, and thankfully it wasn’t a hard fix. A little good fellowship goes a long ways. We were able to get the combine fixed in time to finish the field tonight. 

We have a 100% chance of rain tonight, so maybe if it’s too wet to cut tomorrow we will get to catch up on a little rest. 

I’m thankful that tomorrow is a new day, and that although today I might have wallowed in self pity, His mercies are new everyday! Thank God for that. 


  1. It’s amazing what our kids learn from watching us and intern teach us when we need it most! We have a boy just like that on our farm as well, and too many times I have to hear “don’t worry daddy Gods got it.” He has every time too!! We had a similar situation happen just tonight on our farm. I had been sick for a few days and my dad and brother were running the planter on their own. Well, they had a lot of problems and it took them almost a day to get them sorted out, but they did get them sorted out. It made us a day late to a custom planting Jon that we were supposed to be at. When we finally get moved to the neighbors field the nurse trailer full of fertilizer that they had sitting there must not have been used yet this year and we fire it up and the pump starts spewing fertilizer everywhere. Call the owner and tell him what happened and that we would get another trailer tomorrow. Right now 3 hrs later it is pouring down rain. Sometimes God gives us a rest and recovery time! Thanks again for the story! We wish you a blessed and safe uear!!

    1. Wow! Sorry for the week you’ve had as well, and you’re so right about the rest and recovery time! God always knows when we need it! It’s always amazing to see faith in little kids like that!

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