I Can Still Make Cheyenne {Wells}


First thing Thursday morning we headed out for Cheyenne Wells, CO. The kids started out this summer being good travelers, but they do better and better each trip we make. This is the smallest town we’ve been to yet, and I may or may not have had a mini meltdown when I saw our hotel room. There’s one motel within 40 miles, and I’ll just say I’m glad I brought Clorox wipes with me! 

Jake surprised the boys with a new semi and trailer to haul all of their wheat! They were pretty excited. 😉

We haven’t really had a full day of cutting yet. The wheat is right on the edge of being ripe so we have only been getting a few hours in the afternoon to cut. The weather here is beautiful though. It’s hot during the day but cools off quick and is so nice in the evening. The sunsets have been so beautiful here! 

Last night the people we are cutting for had us over for steaks and they had 3 granddaughters there who were about the same ages as the boys. The boys had so much fun playing in the treehouse and on the trampoline with them. Even Finley loved getting to be around some little girls for awhile. They adored her! 

It was supposed to rain here today and we were going to go to Colorado Springs to spend the 4th, but right now I’m sitting in the buddy seat of the combine while Jake cuts another sample. It’s just rrriiight on the line of being dry enough.

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