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We made it to Texas! Not exactly how or when we had planned, but we made it. 

My poor husband. I don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted, and I know he’s probably twice as worn down as I am. It’s been an insane week trying to get everything ready to leave and making sure everything at home is taken care of. 

Last night I went to the farm just to say hi and ended up sorting cattle in flip flops and jumping in the truck to haul a load of cows to summer grass. Not what I had planned but I’m glad I could help out a little. 

I planned on leaving before 6 this morning to head to Texas, and I think we finally left town at almost 9. We only stopped once and all the kids did great in their car seats. The play place at Chick-fil-a was the highlight of their day I think. 

Once we actually got here it became a different story. I can’t blame them, because I know they’re tired and had a long day being cooped up, but oh man are they lucky they’re cute. It’s almost 11 at night and Finley is finally going to sleep while I put the boys back in their bed for the 4,368 time. 

I’m praying that tomorrow goes smooth for us all. I know tensions are high and when everyone is running on fumes people get cranky. We are staying in the cutest little house which makes it so much easier for me to cook and keep the kids entertained. I know when we go to our next stop and are in a motel it’s going to be a rough transition. I’m determined to enjoy this adventure and not stress about the small stuff (maybe). 

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