Kingfisher, OK


From Seymour, TX to Kingfisher, OK should be about a 5 hour drive in the semi. It took our guys about 12 hours. It was like Texas didn’t want us to leave. They made it about twenty minutes out of seymour before blowing a combine trailer tire… on a Sunday… on Memorial weekend. That wasn’t a cheap repair call! Then they made it about an hour before having to stop for parts and that took longer than they thought. Then just as they were leaving Texas Jake’s pickup broke down. 

I was at home with Porter and Finley because I had one of my best friends baby showers that I wasn’t going to miss for the world. We were going to meet them in Oklahoma on Monday morning but we ended up going down Sunday evening to help (mainly moral support). 

We hadn’t planned to cut in Kingfisher, but Jake got a call from a guy who needed help so we said sure! He was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and Porter and Grady were pretty much his best friends instantly. One time he showed up to the field and I looked over and Porter was holding his hand! He was so gracious and told Jake several times how good of a job he was doing. He was even trying to find us more acres to cut for when we finished with his. Kingfisher was supposed to get somewhere around four inches of rain that weekend so there were a lot of guys wanting help getting finished before the rain. 

Jake was in the field first thing in the morning getting the combine greased and a truck pulled in the driveway. It was one of the neighbors and he wanted us to go down the road and cut for him. After we got started cutting for we found out the guys we were cutting for owned several case dealerships. I’m sure they were catching grief with a big green machine cutting their wheat! We loved cutting in Kingfisher and got invited to come back next year. 

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