Sugar In The Kitchen 


When Grady was two we thought “there’s no way we could get a kid that’s more ornery than this”. Then God laughed at us and gave us Porter. He’s a ball of crazy wrapped in grins and bouncy curls that I refuse to cut off. I can’t turn my back on him or he’s up to no good. The other day he had ahold of the electric fence and I grabbed him to pull him off and it shocked me while not affecting him. When I yelled he just smiled at me and said “you okay mommy” in a matter of fact tone of voice. 

Yesterday though might have been the day he pulled his biggest shenanigan yet. I was home this weekend with him and Finley for a baby shower and was going to go home after church and get us ready to head south again. 

When I pulled in the driveway I noticed our bottle calf “Sugar” had crawled under the gate and was in the shed. When she saw us pull up she started to walk toward us so I figured I’d go inside and make her bottle so I could lead her back into her pen. 

I was standing at the sink in the kitchen when I heard “clip clop, clip clop, clip, clop” coming down the hallway. I turned around and there was Porter and Sugar standing in the kitchen doorway. Porter had the biggest grin on his face looking at me trying to figure out if he was going to get in trouble or not. 

After I convinced Porter that she didn’t want to eat an oatmeal cream pie or crackers, I finished making her bottle so I could get her out of my house before I had a mess to clean up. I can’t believe she followed Porter inside, especially on the linoleum floor. The poor thing could barely walk, but she was not about to leave without her bottle. It didn’t take much to get her back outside and into her pen, but I’m scared to see what Porter will do next! He was so proud and if anyone asks him if he let the calf in the house he proudly says “YEP!” 

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